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Awareness And Knowledge Of HIV and AIDS In The Fishing Communities Of South Western Nigeria

OM Apata, FO Agbebi


The issue of HIV and AIDS among rural households has become important topic worldwide both in developing and developed countries Rural households run a high risk of being infected with the disease and are capable of transmitting it to others thereby reducing labour force for agricultural and other rural livelihood activities. This study focused on awareness and knowledge of rural households in southwestern Nigeria on the disease. A total of 240 respondents were used for the study. Data analysis showed that 99.2% of the respondents were aware of the disease. Majority of the respondents believed that HIV and AIDS can be transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse (99.2%), unscreened blood (90.8%), use of sharp object (92.5%) and mother to child (76.3%). Also majority of the respondents know that HIV can be prevented through avoidance of polygamy (75.8%), use of condom (80.0%) and practicing fidelity (88.8%). Respondents also believed that HIV can be managed through use of anti-retroviral drugs (57.1%) and counseling by relevant organization 10.4%). Of all socio-economic characteristics, only educational background and occupation are significantly related to awareness of HIV and AIDS.

Key words: HIV and AIDS, Fishing Communities, Awareness, Knowledge, Prevention Management.

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