Global Approaches to Extension Practice: A Journal of Agricultural Extension

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Women Empowerment And Agricultural Extension Policy: The Changing Role Of Extension Agents

DF Omokore, HE Yusuf


This paper examined the role and challenges of extension agents in empowering women in a bid to revamp the agricultural sector. The activities of women in agricultural production are reviewed against the backdrop of global shift to gender sensitivity, particularly the emphasis on the role of women in agriculture. The paper subscribes to the yearnings and call for National Agricultural Extension Policy to facilitate coordination of extension activities nationwide. It raises the challenges and implication of this paradigm shift for extension agents who will now be saddled with the task of re-orientating themselves to the philosophy and scope of the new demands, including integrating women into the development process. The paper proffers solutions to the aforementioned problems, such as concentration on and re-invigorating the Women-in-Agricultural (WIA) project of the Agricultural Development Programmes (ADPs), women capacity building at farm family level, empowerment and training of the female extension agents, among others.

Keywords: Women Empowerment, Agricultural Extension Policy, Extension Changing Roles.

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