Global Approaches to Extension Practice: A Journal of Agricultural Extension

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Level Of Job Satisfaction Of Agriculture Teachers In Gaborone, Botswana

K Hulela, OI Oladele


The purpose of the study was to determine the level of job satisfaction of agriculture teachers in the Gaborone region of Botswana. This is predicated on the fact that identification of specific factors related to satisfaction of agriculture teachers can foster professional growth and development. This was a descriptive survey which covered a census population of 49 agriculture teachers in Junior Secondary Schools in the Gaborone region in Botswana. Data were collected through structured questionnaire with a reliability coefficient of 0.72. Results on the demographic characteristics of teachers of agriculture show that about 59 percent were male, and over 90 percent had teaching diploma and less than ten percent teachers having Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Education. Only 18 percent of the teachers were holding “senior teacher grade 2” and 61 percent are in the lowest rank of the teachers’ salary scale. Teachers were satisfied with interaction pattern among stakeholders (mean = 2.92) and job environment (mean=2.46) but not satisfied with opportunities for their
professional growth (mean=2.12), job characteristics (mean=2.28), and available resources (mean=2.34). It was concluded that teachers who differ in; level of education, gender, number of years in teaching, different salary scales, loads per week and school time tables, were moderately satisfied. These results implied that there is need to educate teachers to a

degree level, promote as at when due and increase salary.

Keywords: job satisfaction, agriculture, teachers, professional development, job characteristics

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