Stakeholder analysis: a conceptual framework for sustainable watershed development in the Ikwuano watershed in south east Nigeria

  • B.O Nuga
  • G.E Akinbola
  • O.O Nuga
Keywords: Stakeholder Analysis, watershed development


One of the major challenges face by man is the need to achieve a balance between the utilization of natural resources and at the same time maintain an optimal resource environment. A way out of this logjam is the recognition of the various interest groups involved in the use and conservation of such resources. This approach will thus improved the involvement of the parties in the sustainable use , management and conservation of such resources as well as reduced conflicts arising from the utilization and or non-utilization of the resources. In this paper we outline a framework for establishing stakeholder analysis for natural resource management on a community scale.

Key words: Stakeholder Analysis, watershed development


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eISSN: 0794-1005