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Carcass characteristics and serum metabolites of finishing broiler chickens fed 8% crude fibre diets at three energy levels with or without enzyme

R. I. Salami, A. A. Odunsi


This study evaluated the carcass characteristics and serum metabolites of broiler finishers fed 8% CF diets with or without Roxazyme®G2G inclusion at three energy levels maintained at constant, calorie: protein ratio, for 56 days. One hundred and forty-four unsexed Obamarshal day-old broiler chickens were allotted to six dietary treatments at 24 birds per treatment of three replicates. The six treatments diet were produced from three basal diets for each phase at caloric concentrations of 2600, 2800 and 3000 ME (kcal/kg) to which 0 and 200 mg of Roxazyme®G2G were added per kg diet. Each replicate group was provided feed and water ad libitum in the deep litter and battery cage cells during the starter and finisher phases each of 28-day period respectively. Carcass parameters, gut length, organ weights and serum metabolites were measured according to established standard methods. Data were subjected to one-way analysis of variance in accordance with 2x3 factorial arrangement and means separated by Duncan Multiple Range Test (DMRT) at P < 0.05. Results showed that carcass yield of the birds fed 8% CF diet at 2600 ME (kcal/kg) diet with enzyme was comparable to those on 2800 and 3000 ME (kcal/kg) diets with or without enzyme. Gizzard fat, abdominal fat, serum glucose and cholesterol were also minimized in birds fed 2600 ME diet in addition to enzyme. Serum total protein, albumin, urea and creatinine were not significantly (P > 0.05) affected by treatment diets. It was therefore, concluded that higher dietary ME levels with or without enzyme increased carcass fat, blood glucose and cholesterol levels which must be considered in broiler chicken production for the health benefit of broiler consumers. Thus, it is recommended to produce broiler chickens on 8% CF diet at 2600 ME (kcal/kg) diet with the supplemental Roxazyme®G2G in order to reduce carcass fat, blood cholesterol and glucose without compromising carcass yield.
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