Physico-chemical changes during storage of dehydrated plantain slices packaged in two polymeric film pouches

  • P_NT Johnson


The changes in some physico-chemical properties of dehydrated plantain slices packaged in polyethylene and polypropylene pouches and stored, at 37 oC and 75 per cent RH, for 6 months were studied. Moisture gain, non-enzymatic browning, colour changes, puncture force, pH, ascorbic acid and total acidity were measured. The rates of moisture gain and decrease in puncture force were significantly faster (P < 0.01) in the plantain slices packaged in polyethylene than in polypropylene pouches. Correlation between the rates of decrease in brightness and the extent of non-enzymatic browning in the plantain slices, was better when packaged in polypropylene than in polyethylene pouches. The pH, total acidity and ascorbic acid content remained almost unchanged. The study indicated that the adverse changes in physico-chemical properties of the dehydrated plantain slices were less in polypropylene than in polyethylene.

Ghana Jnl agric. Sci. Vol.31(1) 1998: 6-13

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eISSN: 0855-0042