Ghana Journal of Agricultural Science

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The nutritive value of raw Mucuna pruriens (var. utilis) for broiler finishers

SA Osei, HK Dei


The nutritive value of raw Mucuna pruriens (var. utilis) was studied over a 4-week period using 168 broiler chicks at 28 days of age. They were individually weighed and then randomly allocated to four dietary treatments incorporating, respectively, 0, 50, 100, and 150 g M. pruriens per kg of diet. Feed and water were supplied ad libitum. Data were collected for feed consumption, growth rate, feed conversion, and mortality. In addition, the effects of M. pruriens on carcass and haematological characteristics of broilers were studied. The dietary addition of M. pruriens significantly (P<0.05) depressed broiler performance, including a lowered feed intake, poorer weight gains, and reduced feed conversion efficiency. The addition of M. pruriens also increased the weights of gizzard, liver, and intestines (empty). There were no apparent effects of M. pruriens on blood parameters: haematocrit, haemoglobin, total serum protein, globulin, and albumin. Overall, it was less eonomical to feed raw, untreated M. pruriens to finishing broilers.

Ghana Jnl agric. Sci. Vol.31(1) 1998: 55-59
AJOL African Journals Online