Correlates of potable water demand among farming households in Abak, Nigeria

  • A.E Nsikak-Abasi
  • IV Patrick
Keywords: Correlates, Demand, Water, Households.


This study estimated the correlates of potable water demand among farming households through the use of cross-sectional data collected from 100 households in Abak, Nigeria. Based on the fact that heterogeneity and homogeneity exist within and among the clans and also to ensure equal representation of people from all social strata and income groups, stratified random sampling technique was employed. The study utilized both exploratory statistical techniques and econometric procedure in data analysis. Findings revealed that except sex, marital and multiplicity of usage, all other regressants were significant determinants of potable water demand among farming households. The study recommends increase in water outlets provided by Akwa Ibom Water Company (AKWC) as a panacea for persistent water shortages.

KEYWORDS: Correlates, Demand, Water, Households


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eISSN: 1596-2903