Motivation factors affecting employees job performance in selected agricultural oil palm industries in Edo State, Nigeria

  • SO Adeogun
  • OE Fapojuwo
  • MT Ajayi
Keywords: Motivating Factors, Employees, Oil palm Companies, Job performance


Motivation is the combination of a person's desire and energy directed at achieving a goal. It is the cause of action. Motivation can be intrinsic, such as satisfaction and feelings of achievement; or extrinsic, such as rewards,
punishment, and goal obtainment. The study assessed the motivating factors affecting the job performance of two oil palm companies’ employees, in Edo State, Nigeria. The specific objectives of this study were to; ascertain the socioeconomic characteristics of employees, the challenges faced by both employees and management of selected
companies; and determine motivating factors affecting employees’ job performance in selected oil palm companies in Edo state.
Using proportional and simple random sampling techniques, 83  respondents were selected for the study. The findings of the study revealed that majority (72%) of Presco employees were males compared to (27%) of Okomu. A large proportion of the respondents (59%) and (67.6%) were married for Presco and Okomu respectively. Majority
(82%) and (100%) of Presco and Okomu employees were between ages 31 and 50 years respectively. The most important motivating factors for respondents’ job performance are annual leave granted ( x = 4.21), leave bonus given ( x = 4.10), and free medical care ( x = 3.79). The major challenges to the employees are lack of appreciation for hard work ( x = 4.8, 9), delayed promotion ( x = 4.86), random sack of workers ( x = 4.40) and absence of staff training ( x = 4.07). There was a significant relationship between income of respondents and challenges they face (r = -0.266: P<0.05). The study suggested that employers should compensate hard work and provide avenue for job security. In addition, management should create a certain level of informal relationship that would enable them share a cordial relationship with their employees. This would give management an insight into the appropriate and specific factors that
motivate workers.

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eISSN: 1596-2903