Creating New Regions in Ghana: Populist or Rational Pathway to Development?

  • Ransford Edward Van Gyampo
Keywords: New Regions, Ghana, Campaign Promise, Cost, Development


The proposal for regional re-organisation and the creation of four additional ones seem feasible and has the needed popular support. Using archival sources and data from the IEA-VOTO Survey, the paper undertakes a thorough and detailed analysis of the processes leading to the creation of additional regions, and reveals imponderable challenges likely to be encountered. It argues that popular support for governmental policy proposals is not necessarily coterminous with feasibility, effectiveness and relevance. The paper therefore examines the feasibility and relevance of the proposal for the creation of additional regions in Ghana and proffers policy recommendations to re-focus the attention of policy makers on the critical challenges and barriers to rural development and how they could be effectively tackled.

Keywords: New Regions, Ghana; Campaign Promise, Cost, Development


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eISSN: 0855-6768