Livelihood Diversification Among Indigenous Peri-Urban Women in the Wa Municipality, Ghana

  • Ibrahim Abu Abdulai
  • Emmanuel Kanchebe Derbile
  • Moses Naiim Fuseini
Keywords: Diversification, Ghana, Livelihoods, Peri-Urbanization, Women


Studies on peri-urban development have not paid enough attention to the strategies and dynamics of diversifying livelihoods among  indigenous women in the Global South. This paper explores the dynamics of livelihood diversification strategies among indigenous women in response to peri-urban development in Wa, Ghana. The mixed-methods design guided the study, while the sample consisted 399 respondents selected from a sample frame of 1494 women. Data analyses involved descriptive statistics, non-parametric and thematic analyses. The study found that peri-urban development had led to the loss of access to farmland among indigenous women. In response, women have resorted to switching from farm-based to non-farm-based livelihoods amidst multiple production challenges.
There is, therefore, the need to support the sustainability of women’s livelihoods through the Municipal Assembly and, in particular, through policy interventions such as support for skills training and financial support to enable indigenous people to make a sustainable living.

Keywords: Diversification, Ghana, Livelihoods, Peri-Urbanization, Women


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