Migrant chiefs in urban Ghana: an exploratory study of some selected Dagomba Chiefs in Accra

  • Alhassan Sulemana Anamzoya
  • Alhassan Baba Zakaria
Keywords: Migrants; Dagomba; Chieftaincy; Migrant Chiefs; Zongo


Studies on migration have largely neglected the emergence of migrant chiefs in Africa’s urban centers. Chieftaincy analysis has also not been adequately extended to those who are migrants and how they are selected and installed as chiefs in the cities. Through deliberately-provoked conversations with Dagomba migrant chiefs and their elders, the paper undoubtedly extends the frontiers of both chieftaincy and migration studies bringing to the fore dynamics of Dagomba migrant chiefs and their changing roles in Ghana’s city of Accra. Reworking Blundo’s administrative brokers, this paper reveals how migrant chiefs in urban settings liaise with state institutions to help solve certain problems migrants encounter in the city. The paper concludes that other actors in the urban space, such as youth leaders around Members of Parliament coming from migrants’ home regions, could gradually take up the brokerage role in the city.


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eISSN: 0855-6768