Creating Enabling Environments for Small and Medium Enterprises(SMEs) to Contribute to Nigerian Development.

  • D E Gberevbie
  • M Isiave-Ogbari


It has been observed that small and medium scale enterprise ( SME) are the bedrock of a nation\'s industrial and technological advancement. Hence, creating an enabling environment for SMEs to thrive will result in development. This paper examines the enabling environment with particular reference to good governance as a basis for SMEs to contribute towards a national development. The analysis is informed by primary data from interviews conducted in Nigeria and secondary data from relevant journals, books, Internet and newspapers. The paper concludes that for the dream of Nigeria\'s industrial and technological advancement to materialize, the Federal Government should address the issues of inadequate finding and the mode of funding of SMEs as well as the provision of adequate infrastructure to boost the expansion of SMEs. In addition, the government should create an enabling environment that is free of insecurity in order to motivate both local and foreign investors to contribute meaningfully toward the establishment and expansion of SMEs. By so doing it will be possible to advance the Nigerian national dream of becoming an industrial and technological giant.

Ghana Journal of Development Studies Vol. 4 (21) 2007: pp. 11-32

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eISSN: 0855-6768