Women in Politics in Ghana: A Study on Local Government in the Greater Accra Region

  • FS Odame
Keywords: Decentralization, Assemblywomen, Women’s Empowerment, Local Government, Political Participation.


Women’s participation in politics in Ghana is low, both at local and the national level. This reflects the global trend of women’s participation in politics. This paper examines ways of deepening women’s participation as assembly members in local government. It examines women’s participation in politics with the aim of suggesting ways of enhancing women’s political participation. Primary Data was collected using questionnaires and interviews. Three major problems were identified as the main barriers to women’s participation in Ghanaian politics. Women in Ghana earned low incomes coupled with low educational status. Also, lack of confidence was found to be a barrier because the women explained that politics is for men. The recommendation is that both men and women should be sensitized to erase the deep-seated misconception that politics is for men. Also, women should be empowered economically and educationally so as to be able to compete favourably with their male counterparts in politics.

KEY DESCRIPTORS: Decentralization, Assemblywomen,  Women’s Empowerment, Local Government, Political Participation.


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eISSN: 0855-6768