Standard setting in the teaching and learning process in the Kenya school system

  • M Kithuka
Keywords: Standard Setting in Teaching and Learning


Standards are set at different levels to govern different requirements that collectively add up to the ingredients of quality education of a child. This study investigated whether or not there are quantitative standards of achievement for guiding teaching and learning in the school system in Kenya. It also investigated teachers’ perception of their pupils’ mastery of what they were taught in class. The findings were that such standards do not exist. Teachers use their previous year’s mean scores and compare themselves with neighbouring schools to judge how well they are performing in national examinations. Teachers reported that their pupils do not master what they are taught. The study recommends change of teaching approach from content coverage to content mastery (mastery learning) by setting a minimum proficiency level of between 50-74% (62.5% on average) as a criterion to aspire to during formative assessment.

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eISSN: 1596-6224