Elements of Contemporary Integrated Science Curriculum: Impacts on Science Education

  • AA Arokoyu
Keywords: Contemporary, Curriculum, Elements, Integrated, Science


This paper acknowledged the vital roles played by integration of ideas and established the progress brought about when science is taught as a unified whole through knowledge integration which birthed integrated science as a subject in Nigerian school curriculum. The efforts of interest groups at regional, national and international level to overhaul African school curriculum after the colonial era were highlighted. The six (6) elements of integrated science as a subject were discussed and the three (3) elements of integrated Science curriculum were outlined. The relationship between the various elements is summarized diagrammatically. The effects of integrated science curriculum on science education are presented in a tabular form. The findings of the research are that integrated science curriculum content is dense as it is over – loaded with concepts as a result of knowledge integration; hence majority of the students avoid taking or offering science subjects. Sequel to this, it was recommended that integrated science curriculum be reviewed so as to remove overlapping or repeated concepts. So also, more emphasis should be laid on practical applications of concepts while less emphasis is laid on rote memorization.

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eISSN: 1596-6224