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Ltd. This work is licensed under the creative commons Attribution 4.0 International license.</p> Managing entrepreneurship education and undergraduates’ job creation propensity post covid-19 in universities in cross river state, nigeria <p>This study looked at how managing entrepreneurship education affects undergraduates' tendency to create job post-COVID-19 in universities in Cross River State, Nigeria. Specifically, the study assessed the influence e-learning and blended learning on creativity and self-employment among 370 undergraduates drawn from 4,993 final year students of 2021/2022 academic session from all the faculties in University of Calabar and Cross River University of Technology respectively. The study adopted correlational research design. To guide the study, two null hypotheses were developed. A structured questionnaire titled: “Managing Entrepreneurship Education and Undergraduates’ Job Creation Propensity Questionnaire (MEEUJCPQ)”, was designed and used for data collection. Multiple Linear Regression Analysis was used to statistically examine the collected data. Results from testing of the hypotheses revealed that managing entrepreneurship education in terms of e-learning&nbsp;and blended learning has a significant effect on both undergraduates' creativity and self-employment. Based on the study's findings, we assert that managing entrepreneurship education through e-learning and blended learning, individually and collectively, predicts undergraduates' propensity to create job by exuding creativity and self-employment characteristics.</p> Ofem Wokasor Eni Ojini Richard Ayuh Omini Etta Etta Nsan Nsan Nja Unimke Sylverster Obeten Okoi Okorn Ekpoto Ekpoto Agbor Copyright (c) 2023 2023-08-23 2023-08-23 22 2 115 124 10.4314/gjedr.v22i2.1 Strike and educational activities planning in nigerian universities: impact and possible solution for today and beyond <p>Education is a tool for any meaningful development of any society. Thus any activities that result to set back of the sector operation should be address with all amount of resources both human and material. The paper titled “Strike and Educational Activities Planning in Nigerian Universities: Impact and Possible Solution for Today and Beyond” is poised to drawing attention of the general public to the implication of industrial strikes to the development of tertiary education in Nigeria the paper discussed the concept of strikes types and causes of strike. Therefore, the paper discuss the concept of strike, types of strike and causes of strike it also proffered possible solutions which if applied, could help address the issue of incessant strikes in our tertiary educational system. The paper further x-ray the positive and negative impacts of strike on staff, students, institutions, and the general public respectively. The paper ended by examining the implication of incessant strike actions for the school system. It was suggested among others that government and the organized labour organization should be involved in a collective positive bargaining to bring lasting solution to the frequent strike action in Nigerian Universities for high productivity which permeate national development</p> Ogban Ogban Nkanu Offem Odim Otu Inung Sunday Utu Baku Copyright (c) 2023 2023-08-23 2023-08-23 22 2 125 134 10.4314/gjedr.v22i2.2 Depression and examination failure among students of tertiary institution in cross river state, nigeria: implication for counselling <p>This study examined the depression and examination failure among students of tertiary institution in Cross River State, Nigeria and its counselling implication. Descriptive research survey was adopted for the study. The population of the study was all the students both male and female in all the major tertiary institution in Cross River State, Nigeria. A total of 1,000 students between the ages of 15 – 20 years were selected using multistage sampling technique. A self-designed questionnaire title Depression Evaluation Scale (DES) was used to elicit information from respondents. The instrument was validated and reliability was obtained using test-re-test method. The reliability co-efficient was 0.75 at 0.05 level of significance. The data collected were analyzed using descriptive analysis for the general questions raised while t-test was used to test the hypothesis raised at 0.05 level of significance. The result showed that there is significant difference between male and female students with depression. It was also revealed that there was a significant relationship of depression and mass failure among male students than female counterpart. Based on the findings, it is concluded that depression is a health and behavioural challenge among students in tertiary institution, it was recommended that school counsellors should design an effective counselling programme to assist the students with depression in our tertiary institutions across the globe.</p> P U Ekpang Unimna Beshel Fidelis Ugbe Blessing Ushibima Copyright (c) 2023 2023-08-23 2023-08-23 22 2 135 141 10.4314/gjedr.v22i2.3 Perception of school teachers towards integrating ict in senior secondary school curriculum: aftermath of covid-19 pandemic <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>The study is aimed at determining the perception of school teachers’ towards integrating ICT in senior secondary school curriculum content delivery, aftermath of Covid-19 pandemic. The study adopted a survey research. The Population of the study consisted of all 310 Senior Secondary School teachers (78 males and 132 females) in Owerri municipal Council of Imo state<strong>. </strong>The sampling technique used is purposive since the population is small. The researchers designed an assessment questionnaire which was used for data collection. It has a reliability co-efficient of 0.83 determined through cronbach alpha. The data collected was analyzed using mean and standard deviation in answering the research questions while the hypothesis was analyzed using independent t-test analysis tested at 0.05 level of significance. The result of the study showed that senior secondary school teachers have positive perception towards integrating ICT in senior secondary school curriculum content. It was therefore recommended among others that the government should speed up the expansion of its existing ICT and remote learning capacity in senior secondary school curriculum, especially for learners with disabilities who may need access to&nbsp;assistive technology. This is based on the fact that senior secondary school teachers have positive perception on the workability of ICT integrated curriculum in senior secondary school.</p> <p><strong>&nbsp;</strong></p> Ofoegbu Jude Uzodinma Abang Kingsley Ekarika Catherine Boniface Nonso N Bisong Copyright (c) 2023 2023-08-23 2023-08-23 22 2 143 150 10.4314/gjedr.v22i2.4 School-based income generation activities and secondary school goal attainment: implication for quality assurance in calabar education zone of cross river state, nigeria <p>This study aimed at determining the relationship between school-based income generation activities and secondary school goal attainment for national development in Calabar Education zone. Two null hypotheses were stated to guide the study. Correlation design was used for the study. The population of the study consists of seventy five school principals in Calabar education zone. Purposive sampling technique was used for the study. Questionnaire titled “School-Based Income Generation Activities and School Goal Attainment (SBIGASGAQ)” was used for data collection. A reliability estimate of .71 and .67 was obtained using test re-test method. Pearson product moment correlation statistics was used for data analysis. The result of the findings revealed that there is a significant relationship between school agricultural based activities and serviced based activities with school goal attainment. Summary and conclusion were drawn in line with the result of the findings. It was recommended that school principals should venture in more lucrative and enterprising ventures which will serve the needs of the community e.g. dormitory, school halls and good football field for sport as this will go a long way to enhance school goal attainment.</p> Okoi I I Okon Effionwan Effiom Odok Lilian Oyak Copyright (c) 2023 2023-08-23 2023-08-23 22 2 151 157 10.4314/gjedr.v22i2.5