Global Journal of Engineering Research

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Dynamic Modelling And Simulation Of Synchronous Generator For Wind Energy Generation Using Matlab

OI Okoro


This paper shows that it is possible to use currently available commercial software to model and simulate the dynamic behaviour of a synchronous Generator for wind energy generation. The resulting system of ordinary differential equations governing both the electrical and mechanical transients of the generator are solved numerically using the in-built Fourth-order Runge-Kutta method in the MATLAB® ODE suite. The computed transient –response results using this method are not only accurate but also computationally economical compare to the solutions obtained by numerical integration on digital computers via writing of programme. The developed model is used to calculate the starting performance of the generator during load variations.

KEY WORDS: Synchronous generator, Wind Energy, Transient response, Modelling, Simulation.
Global Journal of Engineering Research Vol.3(1&2) 2004: 71-81
AJOL African Journals Online