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Effect of moisture content on energy of comminution of soybean

MA Oduh, FB Okokon, DS Zibokere


The energy of comminution of soybean using a single disc attrition mill was determined by experimental method and the use of Headley and Pfost equation. The soybean seeds at 4, 5,6,7,8 and 9% w.b were comminuted and size analyses were performed using ASAE S319, 1988. The result by experimental method shows that the effective energy of comminution was found to increase from 12.7-35.7x10-3 k w.h as the moisture content increased from 4-9% w.b. A significant linear relationship (P<0.05) does exist between the moisture levels and effective energy of comminution. The estimated energy of comminution by Headley and Pfost equation decreased from 1.04x10-3 k W.h at 4%w, b to 0.51x10-3 k W.h at 6% w.b. and then increased sharply to 0.98x10-3 k w.h at 9%w.b. No significant linear relationship (P<0.05) exist between the moisture content and estimated energy of comminution. Therefore, a conditioning chamber designed to reduce the moisture between 4-6% w.b is desirable for uniform product and minimum energy of comminution.

Global Journal of Engineering Research Vol.4 (1&2): 75-78
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