Activated sludge process simulator ASP-Sim, Part-2: Bod removal, nitrification, do, and sequencing batch reactor

  • AA Adamu
  • IL Mwaogazie
Keywords: Activated Sludge Process, Simulator, Nitrification, DO, Sequencing Batch Reactor


This paper develops a computer simulator using Visual Basic 6.0 for activated sludge process. Steady state kinetic model with default kinetic parameters taken as arithmetic average of their possible ranges was adopted. The adoption of graphic user interface (GUI) makes this simulation software user
friendly and provides easy way for the user to change input parameters and determine the effect of such changes. The software was validated by comparing its output with design problems in literature. The memory space requirement for the simulator is 392kb with an average execution time per option of about 1.0s. Results obtained proves Visual Basic 6.0 program (ASP-SIM) a useful tool for wastewater treatment plant design and simulation that can serve as substitute for the expensive ones in the market.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1596-292X