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Effect of carbide waste on the properties of rice husk ash concrete

J Manasseh


The impact of carbide waste,CW on the strength of concrete made with cement partially replaced with Rice Husk Ash,RHA for use in rigid pavement was investigated. Oxide composition analysis of CW and RHA confirm their status as non pozzolanic material rich in CaO component and pozzolanic materials, respectively. Setting times, slump, compressive and indirect tensile strength tests were conducted on fresh and hardened concrete. Twenty-eight (28) and Fifty-six (56) days peak compressive strength and indirect tensile strength values of 35.00 N/mm2, 39.53 N/mm2 and 1.69 N/mm2 respectively was obtained when 10% CW was mixed with 10% RHA plus 80% cement. Values comparable to 28 and 56days peak compressive strength and indirect tensile strength values of 37.11 N/mm,2 40.00N/mm2 and 1.71 N/mm2 respectively obtained with the use of only cement as binder. The use of CW and RHA in concrete will ensure economy in concrete production and a better way of disposing these wastes.

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