Cam-Follower Mechanism Design for Narrow Loom Beat Up Motion

  • NA Raji
  • VO Ozor
  • RO Kuku
Keywords: Mechanism, Follower, Cam-plate, Beat up, Narrow loom


A cam swing roller-follower mechanism is designed for the beat-up motion of a horizontal narrow loom. The system consists of a radial plate-cam driven by a camshaft keyed to the plate cam. A slay bar which act as the beater is attached to the radial swing roller-follower and assembled on the plate cam. A continuous contact between the roller follower and the plate-cam is maintained by a spring attached to the follower and fixed to a reference frame to prevent mechanism bounce. The conceptual design for the mechanism is based on the fundamental generalized synthesis procedure. The topology of the kinematics is developed by using the graph theory method of kinematic synthesis. The forces required to drive the plate-cam and follower system were modeled and the components such as the plate-cam, camshaft, the follower and the drive mechanism were synthesized for smooth operation of the mechanism. Analysis of the force requirement show that maximum impact required to beat the weft into the yarn during weaving is achieved at the maximum plate-cam displacement. The acceleration of the cam plate is controlled in the model at the start and end of motion as boundary conditions to specify some degree of stability for the system.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1596-292X