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Water Distribution Network Modelling of a Small Community using Watercad Simulator

OC Izinyon, BU Anyata


In this study a network model was constructed for the hydraulic analysis and design of a small community (Sakwa) water distribution network in North Eastern geopolitical region of Nigeria using WaterCAD simulator. The analysis included a review of pressures, velocities and head loss gradients under steady state average day demand, maximum day demand conditions, and fire flow under maximum day demand using average day demand of 60 lpcd.The results indicate: that the tower height of the existing storage tank is inadequate and should be increased from 10m to 15m to provide satisfactory service, and that there are no areas of concern with respect to pressure or available fire flow for the proposed service area and also that flow velocities are not excessive while head loss gradients in the network are within acceptable limits. Pipes P-6, P-12, P-15 and P-19 expectedly have relatively low flow velocities due to the low average day demands in small communities and the constraint of minimum commercially available pipe sizes makes design of self cleansing networks in such communities not easily realizable.

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