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Oil pollution in the Riverine Areas - a case study of Akwa-Ibom State

R. A. M. Eze


A study of the oil production activities in the riverine area of Akwa-lbom State was carried out by the . In this regard, visits to different oil locations were made to obtain information on the consequences of oil production activities. Through these visits, the ecological situation of the environment was assessed, useful information was also obtained by interacting with the community members in those areas of operation before this article was put together.

It was therefore discovered that oil production has in no small measure improved the economic growth of the state in question. Roads and community town halls were built by some oil company operators. Also, pipe borne water, electricity and employment were also provided, in addition to some sporadic scholarship awards to the indigenes of the areas. Nonetheless, its effects on the environment has been disastrous, because, many villages have lost their agricultural lands due to underground high pressure pipe lines that traverse the whole operation areas. Fishermen are also not left out as fishes have been driven out of reach due to production activities and occasional oil spillage. Eventhough, the oil production activities have negative impact on the state in question, it has undoubtedly improved the general standard of living of the people

Keywords: Oil, Pollution, Akwa-lbom, Environment, Spillage

[Global Jnl Environ Sci Vol.1(1) 2002: 21-26]
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