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Levels of heavy metals in Gubi dam water Bauchi, Nigeria

B.M Wufem
A.Q Ibrahim
N.S Gin
M.A Shibdawa
H.M Adamu
P.J Agya


The distribution of heavy metals in Gubi Dam, Bauchi, Nigeria was studied covering the highest turbulent and non-turbulent flow periods. The average concentrations of iron, manganese, nickel, zinc, cobalt, chromium and cadmium were generally highest in filtrate water, whereas the concentrations of copper and lead were always highest in the suspended materials which indicate the dominant role played by suspended materials in the transport of these metals. The total metal levels are within WHO safety limits as such do not reflect impaired suitability of the water. The relative levels of the metals at the entry points and spillway reflect the source, the path and stopover of the tributaries of the dam, thus the variation in the amount of metals at each point.

KEYWORDS: Distribution, Heavy metals, filtrate water, suspended matter, Gubi dam, Nigeria