Preferences for antiretroviral therapy services: Qualitative evidence from people living with HIV in Ghana

  • Augustine Tanle University of Cape Coast
  • Kumi-Kyereme Akwasi University of Cape Coast
  • Simon Mariwah University of Cape Coast
  • Esia-Donkoh Kobina University of Cape Coast
  • Samuel Owusu Asiedu University of Cape Coast
  • Jewel Lamptey Ghana AIDS Commission (GAC)
Keywords: PLHIVs, ART Services, Preferences for ART, Ghana


Antiretroviral therapy (ART) is one of the interventions meant to prolong the progression from HIV to AIDS for People Living with HIV (PLHIVs). Although ART was introduced in Ghana in 2003, there is little or no information about the preferences of those on ART services. The main objective of the study therefore was to examine the preferences of PLHIVs concerning ART services. The data were extracted from a nationwide qualitative study conducted by the Ghana AIDS Commission (GAC) which covered 12 cities/towns sampled from the three ecological zones of Ghana. Focus Group Discussions (FGD) and In-Depth Interviews (IDI) were the methods used in the data collection. A total of 145 FGDs and 171 IDIs were conducted in all the study sites among a wide range of target groups. The data were transcribed and analysed using NUD*IST (Non-numerical Data* Indexing Searching and Theorizing) version 6. The results showed that the hospital was the most preferred place for ART medications and most PLHIVs preferred to receive ART drugs from health personnel, trained PLHIVs or ‘foreigners’. PLHIVs preferred to access ART services free of charge and abhorred delays at ART centres. The preferences of PLHIVs regarding ART services must be considered in policies and programmes aimed at increasing enrolment, retention and coverage of ART in the country.

Author Biographies

Augustine Tanle, University of Cape Coast
Department of Population and Health
Kumi-Kyereme Akwasi, University of Cape Coast
Department of Population and Health
Simon Mariwah, University of Cape Coast
Department of Geography and Regional Planning
Esia-Donkoh Kobina, University of Cape Coast
Department of Population and Health
Samuel Owusu Asiedu, University of Cape Coast
Directorate of Research, Innovation and Consultancy (DRIC)
Jewel Lamptey, Ghana AIDS Commission (GAC)
Ghana AIDS Commission (GAC)

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eISSN: 2821-8892
print ISSN: 0855-9414