Ghana Journal of Geography

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Towards Reducing the Dangers Associated with Road Traffic Accidents: Seat Belt Use and Explanatory Factors in the Accra Metropolis of Ghana

Ernest Agyemang


The paper presents empirical results from a cross-sectional survey of car users in the Accra metropolis, regarding their seat belt usage. Primary data was generated through direct road side observations simultaneously with short self-reported attitudinal surveys. The use of seat belt was observed to be impressively higher among surveyed drivers. Seat belt usage is a function of gender, age and levels of education of drivers. In addition, the vehicle usage type, driving location and driving times were critical determinants of seat belt use. The need to ensure drivers’ personal safety and to comply with traffic regulations explain high seat belt use while discomfort and forgetfulness generally explain for non-use of seat belts. The paper cautions against complacency and suggests practical and effective strategies to continuously reduce the dangers associated with road traffic accidents.

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