Lithologic features and Uranium possibilities of the granites of Pupule, Adamawa Massif N.E. Nigeria

  • I.V. Haruna
Keywords: Uranium, Granite, Geology, Pupule, Nigeria


Preliminary lithologic and uranium investigation conducted in Pupule and environs to investigate further the area of uranium mineralisation in the neighbouring district revealed that the area is not attractive for further uranium search. Geologic field mapping shows that the area like most other parts of the region is underlain  predominantly by finegrained granites, equigranular granites and porphyritic granites. Data obtained from the radiometric investigation indicate fairly enhanced radiometric values of only 200 cps above the background counts of 100 cps. Data treatment and interpretation of the result suggest that the fairly enhanced radioactivity in the fine-grained granite, southeast of Pupule, may be related to high background values rather than concentration of uranium minerals in this rock that may justify further more detailed investigation.

Keywords: Uranium, Granite, Geology, Pupule, Nigeria


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eISSN: 1596-6798