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Preliminary review of the geology of the hornblende biotite gneisses of Obudu Plateau Southeastern Nigeria

Ifeoma Agbi, Barth N. Ekwueme


The Obudu Plateau, southeastern Nigeria is dominantly underlain by gneissose rocks with migmatitic characteristics, one of which is the hornblende-biotite gneiss. The gneisses are banded with quartz and plagioclase as the major minerals in the leucosome while hornblende and biotite occur in the palaeosome. Geochemically, the rocks are enriched in silica and alumina with an average of 71.6wt% and 14wt% respectively. Geochemical plots indicate that they are calc-alkaline to tholeiitic in character and derived from protholiths of igneous origin with minor sedimentary input.

KEYWORDS: Obudu Plateau, migmatitic gneiss, calc-alkaline
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