Seismic characterisation of subsurface structural features of parts of “Richy” field, offshore Niger Delta, Nigeria

  • P. A. Enikanselu Department of Apply Geophysics, Federal University of Technology Akure
  • G. O. Omosuyi Department of Apply Geophysics, Federal University of Technology Akure


A total of thirty-four migrated 2D seismic reflection lines and two composite well logs have been interpreted with a view to unravel the subsurface geological structural setting aimed at delineating probable hydrocarbon potentials around “Richy” field, east of Niger delta basin, Nigeria. The interpretation procedure includes horizon identification, fault mapping, timing of horizons at selected shot points, posting of times, time-depth conversion and contouring. Both the isochron and isodepth (isobath) maps revealed an elongated fault-assisted anticlinal structure trending NE-SW direction with a growth fault in the southwestern part. This suggests that the features can form good hydrocarbon traps. Locations M1 and M2 situated around the crest of the anticlines are recommended drilling points. The study has demonstrated the relevance of structural control studies in the location of wells for hydrocarbon exploitation.

Key words: structure, horizon, anticline, isobath and isochron

[Global Jnl Geol. Sci. Vol.1(2) 2003: 179-187]

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eISSN: 1596-6798