Global Journal of Geological Sciences

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The Natural Charge On The Surface Of The Earth

Luke I Mamah


The natural electric charge or its artificial analogue as the fundamental unit of exploration has been fundamentally derived and compared for both the equatorial region and the polar region. The ratio of the unit charge on the surface of the earth at the equatorial region (ω ± ω0) = 0.59 rad where ω0 = 1.65; to that at the polar latitude ω0 = 1.658 is only about 50% different. The boundary effect such as skin tones or reflectivities as a second order effect is found to be the root of primary static field. The permittivity of the medium between the source and the boundary has also been investigated and found to be several orders of magnitude if the medium is the free space.
KEY WORDS: charge, amplitude and phase spectra, primary effect, secondary term.
Global Journal of Geological Sciences Vol.3(1) 2005: 81-84
AJOL African Journals Online