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Surgical procedure to improve on continence in children

AE Archibong
J Udosen
P Amah


Operational repair of anorectal malformations frequently present with, faecal soilage as the dominant complication. Series of operations have been attempted but none fully satisfies the criteria for continence. A child that present with faecal soilage is a societal problem especially when he is away from the home environment. Several authors have adopted very expensive procedures such as microsurgical interpositioning of skeletal muscle fibres but these are largely beyond the scope of developing countries. Therefore the search for cheaper but equally effective method is imperative. The surgical procedure that narrows the ano-rectal junction which was adopted in this series was able to improve on continence in this group of patients, and is best carried out when the child is 6 years and above.

Key Words: Faecal, Incontinence, Anorectal Operation

Global Jnl Medical Sciences Vol.2(2) 2003:131-133

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eISSN: 1596-2911