Organizational climate and nurses’ job satisfaction in Cross River State, Health Institutions, Nigeria

  • RE Ella
  • EF Asuquo
Keywords: Organizational Climate, Nurses, Job satisfaction, health Institutions, Cross River State, Nigeria


The purpose of the study was to determine nurses’ perception of organizational climate and their job satisfaction in Cross River State Health Institutions, in Nigeria. To direct the study three specific objectives and two hypotheses were raised: To determine Nurses’ perception of their organizational climate, the extent of Nurses’ job satisfaction, the influence of organizational climate on nursing care, and relationship between organizational climate and job satisfaction and also relationship between type of health institution and Nurses’ perception of organizational climate. Simple random sampling technique was used to select 30 health institutions out of 89 institutions. The stratified random sampling technique was used to select 450 Nurses from private, state and federal institutions in the state. Questionnaire was use as instrument for data collection. Data were analyzed using SPSS 14.0 Result showed that 255 (56.7%) did not enjoy a conducive working climate, while 195(43.3%)
respondents felt the organizational climate was conducive. Among the 450 Nurses, 244(54.2%) were not satisfied with their jobs, while 206(45.8%) Nurses felt satisfied with their various jobs. Among the 255 respondents that felt that organizational climate was not conducive, 57 (22.4%) had a significant impact on nursing care. Majority, 102 (40.0 %) felt like abandoning nursing profession for other professions that were more prestigious and promising, while 96 (37.6 %) felt like seeking for greener
pastures in developed countries. Correlation coefficient of 0.725 was obtained showing a significant relationship between organizational climate and job satisfaction. Nurses from the federal institution had a significantly highly favorable perception of their organizational climate than nurses from state and private health institutions. To improve organizational climate and minimize migration of Nurses, Nurse leaders should be included as policy makers and be exposed to regular seminars and workshops to enlighten them on how to create conducive organizational climate.

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eISSN: 1596-2911