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Influence of electromagnetic waves produced by an amplitude modulation radio antenna on the electric power delivered by a silicon solar cell

M Zerbo, M Zoungrana, A Ouedraogo, B Korgo, B Zouma, DJ Bathiebo


This article presents a one dimensional modeling of the influence of electromagnetic waves on the electric power delivered by a silicon solar cell under monochromatic illumination in steady state. The electromagnetic waves are produced by an amplitude modulation radio antenna of 2MW power of radiation and located at a variable distance of the solar cell [10m,+∞[. The magnetotransport and continuity equations of excess minority carriers are solved with boundary conditions and led to new analytical expressions of minority carrier’s density, photocurrent density, photovoltage and electric power depending on electromagnetic field intensity and wavelength λ. The dependence of the electromagnetic field and the incident light wavelength on photocurrent density, photovoltage and electric power is studied. The intensity of the electromagnetic field depends on the distance between the solar cell and the amplitude modulation radio antenna. We determine the peak power and the operating point of the solar cell according to distance or electromagnetic field intensity and also according to the wavelength of the monochromatic light.

KEYWORDS: 1- Amplitude modulation, 2- Radio antenna, 3- Electromagnetic waves, 4- Monochromatic illumination,
5- Solar cell
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