Improving utilization of conceptual and theoretical framework in nursing research

  • II Akpabio
Keywords: Conceptual, Framework, Nursing, Research, Theoretical.


The Nursing and Midwifery Councils of many nations including Nigeria and nursing departments of various Universities and institutions have made it mandatory that conceptual and theoretical framework are used to guide Nursing research presented as part of the requirements for the award of certificates and degrees. However, it is often observed that many researchers are not skilled in the use of conceptual and theoretical framework and many do not also utilize conceptual or theoretical framework to guide studies conducted after graduation from their various educational institutions. Others do so for some parts of the research and do not also explain how the framework can be used to guide implementation of the study findings. Additionally, many publishers of research reports do not also demand for inclusion of framework in papers accepted for publication. This paper is aimed at highlighting the importance of using a conceptual framework to guide a study, the criteria that should guide the appraisal and selection of a framework; challenges that can hinder utilization of framework to guide research work and measures of improving utilization of conceptual framework in nursing research.

KEYWORDS: Conceptual, Framework, Nursing, Research, Theoretical.


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