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Effect of processing and storage methods on the shelf life and incidence of insect pests on smoked fish

M.O. Ashamo, O.E. Ajayi


The effect of processing and storage methods on the shelf life and incidence of insect pests on stored smoked fish was carried out on two types of fishes, Tilapia sp and Clarias sp. Two samples were used; one sample of already smoked Clarias obtained from Oba's market, Akure. The other sample (Tilapia and Clarias) obtained fresh and hygienically smoked instantly in the laboratory. These samples were packed in different packaging materials; polythene, aluminium foil, plastic container, and carton and stored at low (refrigeration) and ambient temperatures. For the period of 90 days of storage, the sample that was processed in the laboratory did not show any pest infestation, while the already smoked fish obtained from the market showed infestation with Dermestes after ten days of storage for all the packaging materials. Low temperature storage proved to be the best storage techniques for all the packaging materials. The samples stored in carton at the ambient temperature were better than those of other materials.

Keywords: processing, packaging materials, infestation, storage methods.

[Global Jnl Pure & Appl. Sci. Vol.9(3) 2003: 319-324]
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