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Effect of salts on the functional properties of protein concentrate of water melon (Citrullus vulgaris) seed

M. O. Oladimeji
O. O. Obaseki


The effects of the following salts, KCI, NaCI, Na2SO4 and CH3COONa on the functional properties of water melon (Citrullus vulgaris) seed protein concentrate were studied. Results showed that the least gelation concentrate of 24% observed in the absence of the salts was improved and found between 12 and 22% in the presence of different salts concentrations. The foaming capacity of 18.7% in distilled water increased progressively from 21.1±0.1 to 61.0±0.2% depending on the concentrations and types of salts used. In the presence of salts the water absorption capacity decreased to between 118.2±0.2 and 141.4+0.1 compared to 152.0% in the absence of salts while emulsion capacity also decreased to between 66.4 ±0.1 and 78.4±0.6 with salt concentration of 10.0% from 85.3±0.3. The foaming stability of 13.0% in the absence of the salts decreased in the range of 3.1±0.1 to 11.4+0.3% by KCI and Na2SO4 but increased by NaCI and CH3COONa in the range of 15.2±0.4 to 24. 4±0.1%. The solubility was enhanced in salt solution at pH 5, suggesting that the protein may be useful in acid food formulations.

[Global Jnl Pure & Appl. Sci. Vol.9(3) 2003: 343-350]