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Optimum size distribution of sorghum grist for brewing purposes

B. R. Etuk
I. S. Akpan


The effect of particle size distribution of malted sorghum grist on extract yield and lautering performance was assessed. Sorghum grist particle size evaluation was carried out by sieve analysis after milling. The malted sorghum grist with proportions of coarse, fine, and flour particles in the ratio of 0.36: 0.25: 0.39 respectively gave good results in terms of extract yield and filtration rate. The values of 103.05% and 1.42 x 10-4 m3/s were obtained for extract yield and filtration rate respectively.

Keywords: Size distribution, Filtration rate, Brewing

(Global Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences: 2003 9(2): 259-264)

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eISSN: 2992-4464
print ISSN: 1118-0579