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Macronutrient status and speciation of cu, fe, zn and pb in soil containing palm oil mill effluent

P.O. Oviasogie, A.E. Aghimien


The use and safe disposal of Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) will no doubt contribute to environmental sustainability. Hence, the macronutreint and forms (speciation) of Copper, Iron, Zinc and Lead status of soil containing POME were determined in this study. The concentrations were determined at 0-15cm and 15-30cm soil depths respectively and at 10m interval from the point of discharge of the POME. Soils at 100m away from the discharge point were regarded as normal or uncontaminated soils, while different extractants were used to determine the levels of Fe, Cu, Zn and Pb. The results showed enrichment of the soils in P, N, Ca, Mg, Na, K due to the application of the POME. Copper, Iron and Pb were predominant in the organic form, while Zinc was particularly present in the exchangeable form. There was an overall increase in the cation exchange capacity (CEC) of the soils especially at the area close to the source of the POME. Proper use and safe disposal of POME in the land environment will lead to improved soil fertility.

Key Words: macronutreint, speciation, Cation Exchange Capacity, soil fertility, sustainability.

(Global Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences: 2002 9(1): 71-80)
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