Photolysis of nickel hydroxy azide.

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Keywords: Photolysis, Azide, Quantum Yield, Lattice imperfection, Holes.


Photolysis of nickel hydroxy azide at 380 ºK is compared with that of nickel azide under similar considerations. Nickel azide sample was prepared by adapting the method of Brauer while nickel hydroxy azide was obtained by dehydrating the dihydrate of nickel azide crystals (Ni(N3)2.2H2O) and exposing to atmospheric moisture. The rate of evolution of nitrogen at constant temperature and different intensities, decreases with time. The pressure of nitrogen produced with time varies directly as at all intensities. The rate of photolysis at constant temperature at intervals of time varies with intensity. Absence of photoconduction in the region reveals that excitons are the main reactants which get trapped in adjacent azide ions. This is evident in the linear dependence of the rate of photolysis on the intensity. The rate of photolysis of Ni(OH)N3 is observed to be lower than that of Ni(N3)2 by about a factor of 10.

Global Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences Volume , No 1 January (2001) pp. 73-80


Photolysis, Azide, Quantum Yield, Lattice imperfection, Holes.

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