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The effect of <i>Vernonia calvoana</i> extract on some haematological indices in acetaminophen treated male wistar rats

Godwin Eneji Egbung
Item Justin Atangwho
Ochuole Diana Odey
Sunday Agba Bisong


The effect of Vernonia calvoana extract on some haematological indices in  acetaminophen (paracetamol) treated albino Wistar rats was investigated in this  study. Thirty-five (35) albino Wistar rats weighing 100-150g were randomly assigned into five (5) groups of seven rats each. Group 1 was the normal control ( Normal saline), group 2 received normal saline after treating with 2g/kg  Acetaminophen (Paracetamol) via oral gavage, group 3 was treated with 200mg/kg body weight of V.C, group 4 received 400mg/kg body weight of V.C and group 5 was administered 100mg/kg body weight of Vitamin E. All treatments were done orally gavaged and lasted for twenty-one days. At the end of the treatment period, animals were euthanized using chloroform vapours, and blood was collected via cardiac puncture. The blood was collected and used for evaluation of some haematological indices. Results indicated significant (p<0.001) increase in red blood cell count,  haemoglobin and packed cell volume in the 400mg/kg body weight Vernonia  calvoana extract treated group compared with acetaminophen treated group.  Similarly, platelet count, Lymphocytes and white blood cell count were markedly increased in the 200mg/kg VC, 400mg/kg VC and vit Etreated groups (p<0.05). We, therefore, conclude that ethanolic leaf extract of Vernonia calvoana  administered at 400mg/kg body weight possess anti-anaemic properties.

Keywords: Acetaminophen, anti-anaemia, Wistar rats and Vernonia calvoana