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Accelerated Stability Study On 2- Hydroxyl-3-(O-Methoxyphenoxy)-1,2-Propanediol-1-Carbamate [Methocarbamol] In Different Solvent Systems

JO Onah
JN Vongtau


Spectrophotometric technique was employed in studying the hydrolysis of methocarbamol under different pH conditions: hydrochloric acid buffer (pH 1.0), citric acid buffer (pH 4.0), phosphate buffer (pH 7.0; 7.4; 8.4) and in different solvents such as water, ethanol, acetonitrile and glycerol. There was a marked increase in the rate of hydrolysis in basic media but less so in the acidic buffers. The effect of sorbitol on the hydrolysis constant in both hydrochloric acid and phosphate buffers showed only moderate effect. The kinetics of degradation of methocarbamol in these media appeared to follow pseudo-first-order rate law.

KEY WORDS: Methocarbamol, Hydrolysis constant, Spectrophotometric analysis.

Global Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences Vol.11(2) 2005: 221-224