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Empirical Relationships Between Electrical Conductivity, Salinity, Density And Ph Of Ground Water In Parts Of Delta State, Nigeria

O Anomohanran
JEA Osemeikhian


An investigation into the physical quality of groundwater in eight major towns in Delta State, Nigeria namely Warri, Sapele, Abraka, Ughelli, Patani, Oleh, Ozoro and Ogharaeki has been carried out by taking measurements of the electrical conductivity, salinity, density and pH. Water samples were collected from boreholes in the different locations prior to any purification process. The obtained data were subjected to spearman rank order statistics and result shows that there were strong positive correlation between the four measured parameters. A “Water Anomoscope” and theoretical equations were therefore designed/generated for the graphical and theoretical determination of any of the four measured parameters. The standard deviation of the measured values from the calculated values for all samples using the “Water Anomoscope” shows a deviation of 0.052μS/cm for conductivity, 0.38mg/l for salinity, 0.0013g/cm3 for density and 0.029 for pH. Result also shows that the values obtained for the four physical parameters obtained for groundwater in Warri, Sapele, Patani and Ogharaeki exceeded the WHO maximum permissible limit. This means that some level of desalination/treatment for the water before consumption would be necessary. On the other hand, the values obtained for Abraka, Ughelli, Oleh and Ozoro fall within the WHO maximum permissible limit for fresh drinking water.

KEY WORDS: Electrical Conductivity, Salinity, Density, pH, Water Anomoscope.

Global Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences Vol.11(2) 2005: 291-295