Global Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences

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Mansonellosis in the upper Imo River Basin, Nigeria

EC Uttah, PE Simonsen, EM Pedersen, JK Udonsi


The Upper Imo River Basin is endemic for mansonellosis due to Mansonella perstans. No case of M. streptocerca microfilaraemia was found in the studied population. The prevalence of M. perstans microfilariae in the area was 12.5%. Microfilaraemia was higher among older individuals and there was no significant difference in prevalence between sexes. The overall mf GMI among mf positives was 98 mf/ml (103 mf/ml for males and 92 mf/ml for females). There was no significant difference between the overall mf GMI in males and females (t-test; p >0.05). It is generally believed that mansonellosis due to M. perstans does not cause any serious clinical sign or symptom, and consequently there was no examination for clinical manifestations related to this infection in the Upper Imo River Basin of the studied population.

Keywords: mansonellosis, Imo River, epidemiology

Global Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences Vol. 11(4) 2005: 465-469
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