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Proximate and mineral composition of flower (spathe and spadix) of Colocasia esculenta var. antiquorum grown in Dschang, Cameroon

EE Agbor, IB Umoh, EH Itam, EU Enyong


Samples of flower spathe and flower spadix of Colocasia esculenta var. antiquorumobtained from Dschang, Cameroon, were analysed for proximate and mineral compositions. Flower spadix was found to contain higher percentage of crude protein 18.34%DM), crude lipid (8.02%DM) and crude fibre (30.35%DM) compared to flower spathe 16.65% DM protein, 5.93%DM lipid, and 12.01%DM crude fibre) which had higher crude ash content (11.65%DM). The major dietary fibre found in flower spadix was hemicellulose (34.9%DM) while cellulose (14.64%DM) formed the major dietary fibre in flower spathe. Mineral analyses showed that flower spathe and flower spadix had high levels of phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, iron and potassium but low levels of sodium. These materials form part of the daily dietaries of Dschang people of the Republic of Cameroon and from these investigations, they contribute significantly to the requirement of these people.

Keywords: Colocasia esculenta, flower, composition

Global Journal of Pure and Applied sciences Vol. 11(4) 2005: 491-493
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