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The tempering quality evaluation of cocoa liquor during industrial production

B Yao
E Assidjo
K Mouroufié
M Coulibaly
G Ado


The tempering quality evaluation of the crude cocoa liquor with average fat content 55.0 ± 0.3 % and an average acid value, 1.57 ± 0.34) has been established. The various parameters considered were recasting time (RT) and appearance (AP) of the tempered product on one hand and the flow (F) of the crude liquor on other hand. It has been established that average performance of the tempering can be described satisfactorily with a linear model. This can allow to estimate easily the quality of the tempered product by the measurement of the angle θ of the tempering curve. It has been shown that when θ and F correspond respectively to [20° 30°] and [16001800] kg/h, the tempering quality was good. The tool installed is useful for a quality control within an industrial production since its application allows to solve to 98%, the problem of the product poor quality.

Keywords: industrial tempering, tempering curve, cocoa liquor, cocoa beans

Global Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences Vol. 12(1) 2006: 61-64

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eISSN: 2992-4464
print ISSN: 1118-0579