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Analysis of tannery effluents from the Challawa industrial estate in Kano, Nigeria

Uzo B Gunwa
Edward E Ogabiela
Fredrick A Lawal
Lawerence D Owoeye


Many tanneries are located at Challawa Industrial Estate in Kano. These tanneries discharge their effluents into canals which converge at a point and eventually flow into the Challawa river. Tannery effluent was collected from the effluent confluence point at Challawa Industrial Estate and some physicochemical parameters such as conductivity, solids, chloride, chromium, alkalinity, sulphide, chemical oxygen demand, COD, and biochemical oxygen demand, BOD, of the waste water were determined. The concentrations of these parameters were in each case higher than the limits set by the Federal Ministry of Environment (FMEnv) for discharge of effluents by the Tannery Sector. The tannery effluents from Challawa Industrial Estate pollute the Challawa River in Kano.

Keywords: tannery, effluent, pollution, environment

Global Journal of Pure and Applied Sciences Vol. 12(1) 2006: 69-72

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eISSN: 2992-4464
print ISSN: 1118-0579