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Heat Transfer In Magnetohydrodynamic (Mhd) Couette Flow Of A Two-Component Plasma With Variable Wall Temperature

MA Alabraba
AG Warmate
ARC Amakiri
J Amonieah


In this paper we study the field structure and the heat transfer at the walls of two-component plasma. The flow is induced by two horizontal walls moving relative to each other along their common axis in the presence of a uniformly applied transverse magnetic field and the analysis made under the following assumptions: (i) The flow is viscous and incompressible. (ii) The flow is fully developed. (iii) The temperature varies linearly along the wall. (iv) The temperature difference between the walls is not large enough to cause free convection current to flow. Exact solutions for the velocities and temperatures for the ionized and neutral particles and the induced magnetic field are derived. These together with the heat transfer are discussed quantitatively.

Keywords: Couette flow, two-component plasma, field structure, heat transfer, Hartmann number, Magneto hydrodynamic, Nusselt number

Global Journal or Pure and Applied Sciences Vol. 14 (4) 2008: pp. 439-449