Software Development Framework For Electronic Land Titles Records Administration System

  • JN Obidinnu
Keywords: E-Government, Land-Titles, Record-keeping, Electronic- Framework


Record keeping is a fundamental activity of public administration. Land Titles management in Nigeria, by virtue of the Land use act 1990, is one of the functions of government. Most of the records hitherto used in managing the records of lands are documented on paper. We carried out an investigation into the suitability of the present method of documenting these records, with a view to aligning it with the evolving E-Government policy. The problems with the existing system were analyzed, and were discovered to fall below the requirements of E-Government. We hereby introduce a software development framework for electronically administering the records of Land Titles. The model is computer dependent, and the graphical presentations in the designs will simplify the job of software developers in the process of systems conversion from the existing cumbersome, disorganized and centralized record keeping system to a more reliable and decentralized information system, meant to improve reporting to stakeholders in Land Titles records administration.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1118-0579