Mitogenic Properties Of Lectin From Mucuna Sloanei Seed Extracts

  • SP Malu
  • GO Obochi
  • NO Alobi
  • EN Tawo
  • CA Edem
Keywords: Lectin, Mucuna Sloanei, agglutination, erythrocytes


Mitogenic properties of lectin from mucuna sloanei seed extracts were studied. The seeds of mucuna sloanie were shelled and ground using an electric grinder. The powder meal was then defatted with petroleum ether, and adjusted to 10 %( w/v) in potassium inorganic phosphates k-pi (A) buffer (pH 7.5). The suspension was then filtered and clarified by centrifugation. The supernatant (crude extract) was then acidified and centrifuged at 4000 Х g for 30 minutes. The supernatant generated was recovered. The materials were then extensively dialyzed, first against water
and then against k-pi (A) buffer. Aliquots of the final dialysate were  serially diluted (2-fold steps) in k-pi (A) buffer and used for haemagglutination assay and immunological parameters (i.e. percentages lymphocytes eosinophils, monocytes, basophiles, and neutrophils). The results showed that the isolated lectin from mucona sloanei seeds
extracts agglutinated human ABO, goat and chicken red blood cells, but did not agglutinate those of cow. It was also observed that the physicochemical properties of the lectin did not affect agglutination by variation of the pH of the medium or affected by temperature. The results of the immunological parameters showed that there were significant
(p<0.05) increases in the values of the immunological parameters relative to those seen in the controls. This study, suggest that the isolated lectin from mucona sloanei seeds possesses mitogenic properties, and may be useful in the diagnosis and treatment of certain diseases such as blood typing disorders and obesity.

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eISSN: 1118-0579